A Week of Woke Madness

So another week and more woke than ever.

The British Library

The English Library
The British Library

The British Library has emailed staff revealing a policy-guiding staff group who claim racial “colour blindness” and believing mankind is “ one human family” are examples of “covert white supremacy”

Employees were also encouraged to support the BLM movement and to support the work of Diane Abbot, the Labour politician.

The library which receives more than £92 million government funding has gone a step further by asking “fellow white colleagues” to educate themselves with a reading list covering their purported racial privilege, and the works of Marxist authors.

The British Museum 

The British Museum
The British Museum

The British Museum removed the bust of slave-owner founder Sir Hans Sloane and labeled him a “slave owner” in an attempt to confront links to colonialism.

Sir Hans Sloane who is the British Museums founding father has instead been placed in a secure cabinet alongside other artefacts that explain his work in the “exploitative context of the British Empire”

The BBC – AKA – The British Broadcasting Corporation

Our left wing activists at The BBC have decided to ban the words for Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from Last Night at the Proms, instead playing an instrumental version. Heavily ashamed of all things British The BBC must be over the moon with the one thing left that allowed the British people to show their patriotism for their country.

We at Woke Britain are firm supporters of the Defund The BBC campaign and urge all our readers to show your support.

What Happened to British?

All three establishments have something in common in their names – British – but all three do not want to represent the majority of the British public, choosing instead to pay favour to educating us to our evil ways of the past. Representing minority groups who find everything offensive – groups who will do everything possible to break down British culture and our History.

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