When Migration policy goes mad

We have seen many stories in the media over the past few weeks about the dinghies coming from France to the UK, a subject they steered well clear of until a concerted campaign by Nigel Farage picked up such a head of steam on social media that they could no longer afford to look the other way.

Being the mainstream media in the UK, they have attempted to paint the migrants in a positive light, claiming that they are ‘fleeing persecution and are refugees’, ignoring the fact that they have passed through many safe countries already and even the UNHCR has admitted that over 70% have no legitimate claim to asylum.

Yet there are 8 people that the UK Government have just designated as ‘illegal immigrants’ that defies belief

These Commonwealth citizens have been serving in the UK armed forces for many years, seeing frontline service on the orders of the very same politicians who are now saying they have no right to stay in England despite putting their lives on the line for our country.

This is yet another breach of the Military covenant that already sees thousands of veterans , many of whom are suffering from PTSD due to their service, on the streets – meanwhile, those with no links to our society who entered illegally are put up in 4 star hotels with 3 meals a day and pocket money paid for by the taxpayer.

I await to see the ‘woke’ activists who scream about rights for migrants coming out on the streets in support of these brave men. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that they will – unless it is to protest AGAINST veterans demonstrating for better conditions as the likes of antiFa and BLM did in Nottingham last week when over two thousand marched against the injustices meted out to the soldiers of the Northern Ireland campaign and demanding better treatment for victims of PTSD.

For some reason, they believe that not all migrants are equal – who would have thought it?

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