BBC Licence could become compulsory ‘household tax’

Reading an article in The Times last week titled Household tax could replace TV licence fee, suggests Lord Hall reminded me how The BBC has become somewhat delusional in their thinking. Lord Hall, the now retired BBC director general suggested that The BBC could replace the current system of purchasing a TV licence with one where an annual levy could be collected as an additional charge on existing household bills such as Council Tax or broadband.

This compulsory ‘household tax’ would require richer people to pay more.

I believe The BBC are missing the point here, that the majority of people would in fact prefer replaceing their current system with one that matches the likes of Netflix and NowTV.

You want to watch The BBC, then you subscribe and pay.

In this day and age we are surely passed any sort of compulsory charge for TV, even if you rename it as a ‘household tax’.

And why should the rich be forced to pay for programmes watched by others who do not have to pay? The rich shouldn’t have to subsidise TV!

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