Dawn Butler – Labour MP – Caught in a Lie

Why has this woman gone out of her way to brand the police racist – for just stopping her car? She was so full of herself when pointing out she was an MP and couldn’t wait to get the camera rolling.

The young policeman was so very polite that I felt ashamed for her. She has embarrassed herself, her party and parliament as a whole and proven once again we can not trust those in power.

I am glad the that police federation want to publish the who video from the officers body cameras as they say this will expose her and show the story in a better light.

Also, I am sure from the photos and videos circulating that she wasn’t the driver and that the driver was in fact white, what is she playing at?

Making these false allegations doesn’t help anyone, especially with the current BLM situation. I don’t like anyone losing their job but if she is found guilty of anything then she must resign.

See the video here

Dawn Butler – Labour MP – Caught in a Lie


Just when I thought this story had been put to bed – A story in the Daily Telegraph, Headline reads – Dawn Butler was victim of ‘systemic racism’ – The interim president of the National Black Police, an Inspector Andrew George comments “that the police stop of MP Dawn Butler was rooted in systemic racism that is damaging the legitimacy of policing”

How in gods name was the stop anything to do with race, she wasn’t even driving, the driver was actually white …

I bet it could have still be racist even if she wasn’t in the car when it was stopped…. I bet the rest of the police force who tried to defend their officers who stopped the car and very happy with the Inspectors comments. It does feel that their are people who just want to make this something it’s not

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