Defund the BBC

Why we should Defund The BBC

Woke Britain are wholeheartedly behind the guys at Defund The BBC – Twitter @DefundBBC

With the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, BT, Sky, Virgin, Freeview, Now TV, Disney+ and BritBox, we have so much to choose from and some of them even cheaper than the compulsory BBC license – the younger generation have no interest in terrestrial TV as everything they want in on demand. So why are they being forced to pay for a licence?


The BBC has been instrumental in the continuing growth of Woke culture – reporting nearly everything Woke in a positive light – rather than calling out some of the stories as madness or at least reporting both sides to a story.

Compulsory Licence Fee

Woke Britain believes it is morally wrong to impose a tax on TV – irrelevant or not if you watch the BBC, you are still expected to cough up the £157.50 per year for TV channels and radio stations you may not even watch nor listen to.

And if you decide you don’t want to pay the TV license then it becomes a criminal matter, which can result in BBC enforcement officers attending your home address, a court appearance with a fine or even prison time. In 2020 how can our UK government allow this to continue?

Over 75’s

Once upon a time if you was lucky enough to reach the grand old age of 75 you would get a little back from the BBC in the form of a free TV license – up until recently this was only available as the government agreed to pay the fees for this demographic out of the tax payers purse – now they have stopped the subsidy, the caring folk at the BBC have decided that over 75s now have to cough up the same as the rest of us – unless they receive pension credits

This is a real kick in the teeth for a generation who rely so heavily on TV – for both keeping up with what’s happening in the country and help to reduce loneliness.

The BBC should be ashamed.

Left Wing, Biased, Anti English Activists

The EU referendum opened up so many peoples eyes to the biased views of both the BBC and the Establishment – The BBC were unashamed at their behaviour and didn’t even try and hide how much they wanted the UK to remain in the EU – and to what lengths it would go to to shift the news in their favour.

It was scandalous to say the least – time and time again they rolled out stories of doom and gloom, end of life as we know it, worse mistake of our lives, economic downfall like we have never witnessed in our lifetime.

Then there were the insults continuously dished out to the Leavers, it was astonishing. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation the Leavers didn’t understand what they voted for, they had changed their minds, they were lied to. Day after day everyone they shoved on the soapbox said they same things. The BBC thought that if they said the same thing time and time again then maybe it would become fact.

The BBC are left wing activists, pure and simple, they show contempt to everyone that does not share their views.

The British Broadcasting Corporation don’t even like their own country, they hate the term Britishness or anything that can be classed as patriotism – nowadays you have to be in favour of a multicultural Britain and welcoming to everything and everybody apart from your own.

Lies, lies, lies

Yep, would you believe it, the BBC has also been known to lie – You only have to read up on past scandals like the Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ to see how far they will go to push their version of events. They are playing a very dangerous game.

Further Reading

If you want to read more about why people do not trust the BBC or do not agree with the license fee then try reading The Fake News Factory: Tales from BBC-land written by David Sedgwick – and by the same author BBC: Brainwashing Britain?: How and why the BBC controls your mind. Plus great websites like TV LICENCE RESISTANCE

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