Donald Trump to win a 2nd term

Trump Will Win – I am sure of it

Watching the news you would think Biden already had the presidency in the bag – but be warned, Trump still has a good chance of winning.

The media in the USA and the UK will always report on the likes of Trump and his supporters in a negative light – the interviews they broadcast will always give the impression that Trump has lost his hold and will lose his bed at the Whitehouse.

But like the BBC’s coverage of Brexit, where everyone thought Remain would win (each time) was because The BBC led people to believe that – they manipulated the coverage to give the impression of bigger marches in favour of Remain – interviews only shown of people who had changed their mind, because they were lied to. No support was ever shown for a positive Leave outcome.

The same happened to Trump last time around and will continue this time around – they forget he has millions who respect him for actually trying to do what he promised, then there is the continued witch hunt and fake news that has haunted him – the left will laugh at him but his supporters will only grown angrier and their support stronger,

Most the of the USA’s media live in a similar bubble as The BBC and Parliament and know very little about what opinion is outside the bubble.

Watch this space – I think Trump will be celebrating a 2nd term

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