Do you remember a time when our culture and history were respected and celebrated? 

When the Police caught villains rather than acting as social workers?

A time when free speech was an integral part of our society and we could discuss the issues of the day without someone screaming ‘I’m offended’ and trying to have you silenced?

Can you remember when our press and TV stations actually did proper investigative work and relayed their findings rather than lazily searching social media to push the opinions of the few on to the many?

Remember when politicians had the courage of their convictions rather than convictions for fiddling expenses?

Do you believe that the only colour people should be judged on is that of their character and that all UK citizens should have equality of opportunity and rights in front of the law? 

If so, you may have found the right site – the perfect antidote to WOKE BRITAIN!

Your writers

PAUL O’BRIEN – An experienced IT professional and family man with four children, Paul has become increasingly frustrated with the never ending assault on our personal freedoms that we see in England today.

Having taken the ‘Red Pill’, he will give you his views on a range of subjects from the standpoint of the ‘man in the street’ who is increasingly bewildered by what we see unfolding on our TV screens and in our towns and cities.

CLIFF DIXON – The grizzled campaigner of the team, Cliff has stood in Parliamentary and local elections and co-ordinated the successful Leave campaign in the London Borough of Hillingdon during the EU Referendum. Disillusioned with mainstream politics, he continues to campaign on key issues and will give you his view on the stories of the day with insight from his time ‘within the bubble’.