Another brutal murder- But where are the cries of protest from the woke?

The rise in instances of violent crime against women has rightly been hitting the news lately, with the murder of Sarah Everard leading to vigils, protests and a huge amount of column inches in the mainstream media. Politicians of the ‘left’ flooded Twitter with support for these campaigns calling for more protection and awareness of … Read more

The Migrant Crisis comes to Hillingdon – Part 2

Back in October on this blog, I wrote about a Freedom of Information request submitted to Hillingdon Council about undocumented migrants in my local area. The results, as can be seen, were pretty shocking and can be viewed on the original post via the link Since then, I have followed up via my local … Read more

A message to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good evening Arnold from here in England I couldn’t help but see your impassioned video earlier on which has gone viral across the internet regarding the events at The Capitol in Washington. Your sincerity and passion for democracy shines through but I felt compelled to write an open letter in reply to some of your … Read more

The Migrant Crisis Comes to Hillingdon

A Woke Britain Investigation Migration has long been a big discussion topic and a consistently highly ranked concern of the electorate in the UK during polling. The ‘woke’ brigade, supported by many on the political ‘left’, have constantly praised lax border controls and virtually unlimited migration numbers with those who raise any concerns berated and, … Read more

Sport and politics – A toxic mix

Since the re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter organisation, we have seen many top level sports stars falling over themselves to prove their ‘anti-racist’ credentials by heaping praise on the group. Governing bodies, too, have joined in. The Football Association, following the restart of the Premier League after the Coronavirus lockdown, had ‘Black Lives Matter’ … Read more

Defund the BBC

Why we should Defund The BBC Woke Britain are wholeheartedly behind the guys at Defund The BBC – Twitter @DefundBBC With the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime, BT, Sky, Virgin, Freeview, Now TV, Disney+ and BritBox, we have so much to choose from and some of them even cheaper than the compulsory BBC license – the … Read more