A message to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Good evening Arnold from here in England I couldn’t help but see your impassioned video earlier on which has gone viral across the internet regarding the events at The Capitol in Washington. Your sincerity and passion for democracy shines through but I felt compelled to write an open letter in reply to some of your … Read more

Sport and politics – A toxic mix

Since the re-emergence of the Black Lives Matter organisation, we have seen many top level sports stars falling over themselves to prove their ‘anti-racist’ credentials by heaping praise on the group. Governing bodies, too, have joined in. The Football Association, following the restart of the Premier League after the Coronavirus lockdown, had ‘Black Lives Matter’ … Read more

A Week of Woke Madness

So another week and more woke than ever. The British Library The British Library has emailed staff revealing a policy-guiding staff group who claim racial “colour blindness” and believing mankind is “ one human family” are examples of “covert white supremacy” Employees were also encouraged to support the BLM movement and to support the work … Read more

BBC to drop Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from Last Night of Proms

The British Broadcasting Corporation is thinking of axing the patriotic songs, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory in the wake of BLM protests – because organisers fear a backlash over the songs links to colonialism and slavery. Ukraine born Dalia Stasevska who is conducting the Last Night on 12th September said ‘she believes … Read more